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When you are a small business with a unique product, exposure is especially important to building a strong client base. Penny Lane Chimney Caps is indeed a small business with big dreams. One of a kind, hand crafted is their specialty, with this in mind BHD approached the creation of the Penny Lane web presence in the same way. Take a look at what they do at Penny Lane Chimney Caps.


  1. Design a simple and easy to use responsive website for a very small artisan company
  2. Reflect the importance of the products highlighting the care and craftsmanship that goes into each one
  3. Understand and work within the constraints of the client and their needs


  1. Select a client approved template to start with for ease of use and built in responsive coding 
  2. Focus on the product and the process to showcase artistry and function working together
  3. Listen to the client and together develop a flexible timeline that was easy to manage


  1. A modern, functional responsive website that is stable and easy to update
  2. Photography and written copy that communicates the Penny Lane commitment to quality, care and craftsmanship
  3. Penny Lane and BHD worked together with compassion around some important, unavoidable, delicate issues not associated with the design process
Thank you, Bill of Bill Hanson Design, for being able to pull thoughts and written word out of my HBL. Hard work on both parts depicts solid craftsmanship in the finished product. The website is AWESOME! It was a pleasure to work with you!! Michelle Matzdorf Meyerdierks

President, Penny Lane Chimney Caps

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