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E-Commerce Website Development

E-Commerce Website Development

E-Commerce website development to emphasize a new brand and the importance of it in a specialized niche market was the challenge put to us at BHD. Listening to the client and truly understanding the market in this case, was critical to the success of growing a healthy following at  hd Farm & Feed


  1. Re-brand hd feeds in a strong and recognizable way that expresses the passion and comfort for continuing the high quality that has been associated with their products.
  2. Integrate an e-commerce solution that is easy to use for hd farm & feed and is also stable and safe for their clients.
  3. Introduce the new product lines for humans conveying an emphasis on healthy eating and sustainable agriculture.


  1. Utilize the hd feeds logo as a starting point to maintain a similar look for the Re-brand as hd farm & feed.
  2. Implement a new store located on the same secure server as the website to consolidate and streamline the processes for fulfilling online orders.
  3. Clearly communicate to the client base that hd farm & feed is now growing healthy, naturally farmed, fresh produce along with pastured meats available for purchase online


  1. A strong logo that carried forth the main elements of the hd feeds brand ensuring that their clients would notice the change and feel secure knowing that it still stood for the quality they trust.
  2. Tying the website and the online store together brought consistency to the user experience and expedited the process of fulfillment saving time and money for hd farm & feed, while continuing to provide the highest standard of security for shoppers.
  3. Provided multiple opportunities for shoppers to learn about the new products with informative headlines and copy, enticing calls to action and an easily navigated website that makes shopping simply good, naturally.

When our company expanded we realized we needed to expand our brand as well. BHD helped us find the brand we needed. Developed a well rounded plan and implemented it. Working with Bill is always an excellent experience.

Scott Hoelscher

Owner, hd Fam & Feed

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