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Brand, Website, and Graphic Design Services that help small to medium size business grow and strengthen their brand by creating an emotional connection with their audience. EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS

The BHD Difference

Professional brand, website, and graphic design services are the differences that separate you from your competitors.

Building a brand takes more than just having a website, it takes professional experience and knowledge of graphic communication, proper writing styles and techniques combined with the understanding of information architecture and how people use a web interface. Therefore all of these things together create the user experience. The first impression is the most important. Your website is quite often that first impression. Professional brand, website, and graphic design services are the difference between having a website and creating an experience. Make it the best one possible!

Creative solutions that expand your global reach and strengthen your brand

Together we will work to ensure brand consistency across all sales and marketing channels to make your business a success.

No matter what size your company or project is, BHD will build upon professional experiences in a variety of media, starting with website and graphic design to bring you the best return possible. Partnering together to create your brand’s unique style and appeal, then turn this knowledge and understanding into tangibles that will set your company apart from the competition. Furthermore BHD will define innovative, creative, solutions to leverage your message. In conclusion the goal is to produce compelling communications that will engage your audience and make a connection on an emotional level with your companies products, events, or services.

Putting the Pieces in Place

At Bill Hanson Design we know what it takes to make your brand a success. Due to all of the important little things that come in to play it may seem like a jumble at times. As a result of our experience, we put the pieces together to work for you. Because there are no dumb questions, you will always get an answer from BHD. Therefore if you don’t understand something, just ask, your comfort and success are paramount to us.

Identity & Vision

Creating concept and design standards for replication across web, print and social media platforms

Digital Development

Custom & Hosted Platform web design, and content development for small to medium businesses

Print Design

Traditional print design for business packages, advertising, packaging and display signs

BHD Design Portfolio and Client List.  At BHD we specialize most of all in helping you create a connection between your clients and your products or services. Below you will find a selection of companies that we have worked with and a small sampling of the work we have done. Testimonials from our clients can be found on the project examples.

Some of Our Clients

DSE Trading

hd Farm & Feed

hd Feeds

Locabuck Farms

Mercer Island Boys Soccer Booster Club

Mercer Island FC

Mini The Dough-Nut

Penny Lane Chimney Caps

Phillip Yin for Lt. Governor

Safeco Insurance
(Liberty Mutual)

Seaburg Construction

Skydottir Epic Cookies

hd Farm & Feed Website

A fully Responsive  custom designed e-commerce website

Skydottir Epic Cookies

A fully Responsive  custom designed website

Safeco Rewards Program

Hero Graphic design for B2B email communications

Penny Lane Chimney Caps

Custom website template design

Make Your Brand Work For You!

Let our team of experts help you reach your goals.

Give us an idea of what you are looking for and what outcome you hope to achieve with the project.  One of our team members will contact you to learn more so that we can begin to devise a plan of action to get you started towards your goal.

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